With a wealth of diverse, authentic, adventure or Modern lodging are available through Morocco, Benefit from our experience in the field built upon privileged relations with a plethora of the most eminent hotels, Riads, lodge, in the country. We take care of the entirety of the process, ensuring a comfortable stay & the most wonderful and unique experience possible for you and your guests.

Riads have developed a mythology and set of assumed conventions all of their own, but simply put, a Riad is a house built around an interior garden.

They are often the former houses of merchants and noblemen that have been modernised to suit tourist needs. Most will now have a roof terrace, a small plunge pool and sometimes a spa and Hammam.
Five star hotels are plentiful ... but exceptional hotels are rare. our collection brings together the best hotels in the world in an exclusive selection. In order to guarantee exceptional service to our customers, we collect deliberately limited properties in Morocco, selected rigorously by a committee of independent experts for the quality of their decoration, the refinement of their atmosphere, and Excellence of their service.
The best hotels in Morocco, chosen, including luxury hotels, boutique hotels, budget hotels.
Experience the unique charm of this magnificent country from the comfort and privacy of your own villa
Stay in a charming, Moroccan-style villa with all the facilities you need for an enjoyable stay. Take advantage of your very own private pool where you’ll get to cool off after sunbathing in the warm sunshine.
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Kasbah : are mesmerizing and beautiful crenulated castles that can be found throughout the Draa Valley, in the Atlas Mountains and when traveling in Morocco to the Sahara Desert
Perhaps not as well known but no less interesting, some of Morocco’s finest accommodations are converted Kasbahs.

Built (or more often rebuilt) in traditional style, with walls made of mud and straw, they have been reinforced for modern needs with more solid structures within the walls that are not visible to guests and therefore take nothing away from the authentic feel.
Camping within Morocco’s Sahara Desert offers so much more than simply sleeping under ‘canvas’ and experiencing a night in the great desert. The quietude and space of the Sahara is indescribable, the night-sky boundless, and the desert scenery otherworldly. Camping in Morocco is a once in a lifetime experience and the journey to the Sahara is an integral element to the experience
There is plenty to do at the camp:
camel trekking and riding, Sand boarding, guided walks, visiting the oasis by 4wd, visiting the not-so-nomadic nomads, and enjoying the evening’s informal music and drumming around the camp fire. But too many, the ability to slow down, enjoy the vast empty vistas, and step back for a moment to think and reflect, is what makes the trip to the desert so memorable.